Sneak Attack on the In-Laws

Lover and I decided that it was going to be hard to decide which set of {grand}parents to tell the news to first. So… We said that whoevers gift come first, we shall tell them.

They day I got the email confirmation that Nanny’s gift was at the house I shot hubby a text telling him that we could tell his parents. Before I could give him further instructions he had planned a dinner date with his mom and dad! He was a “LITTLE” excited to tell them.

We acted like everything was normal {despite the fact that I wanted to puke my guts up and had a wrenching headache}, and just hung out with them. We ate dinner and chilled around afterwards. My MIL handed me a few crafty things for my upcoming craft fair in November. I smoothly passed them on to husband and gave him “the look.” I said…. “Go put these in my car.” I knew he’d gotten the hint because he began to glow.

He brought in the bags, and I decided to throw them off a bit by telling them that these were kind of a “thank you” for having us over. Nanny opened her gift first. And she hugged it and exclaimed, “I LOVE IT!” She still had no clue. I’m balling at this point cause I’m so hormonal.
Wood Sign Distressed There's No Place Like Nanny's House
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 You see the Volnoff family has always been big on reading books together. Books are an important part of all three children's memories. So, we decided to get books....

RJ’s dad pulls out a little baby Winnie the Pooh book, grins, and moves on unknowingly.  The next book is I’ll love you forever with a little not sticking out the top. “Read this to me in 8 months? –Baby Volnoff” He begins to glow and grins from ear to ear making eye contact with me. He shows it to his wife, who looks at me and shouts “You’re not…!!! Oh my gosh, you are!!!” We get a big hug and cry together. I’m shaking at this point, well because I was finally able to show my excitement and talk about it.

We spent a little bit of time with them talking it over and discussing some details. We told them we KNEW we were going to need help with this “little” adventure in life. We aren’t going to be able to do this alone. We know that our family will support us and help us through this journey the Lord has brought us to.

It was so much fun to finally tell someone!!!


Aleks said...

oh! how sweet! what a rgeat way to tell them! you are so creative!

Sandra Prims 'n Posies said...

Haha, that's great! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tiaras & Bow Ties - Think Smink said...

What an amazing way to share such wonderful news with your family! I actually had to blot a tear from my eyes. Congratulations with your newest addition!

Keri said...

Praying for your journey through this amazing blessing! What an adventure!

Andrea said...

That is so cute & such a great way to tell them!

I'm a new follower from Live. Love. Craft. So glad I came across your blog!! = )

Jacy said...

Yay so awesome!!!! Isn't it a good feeling?? :)

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