How do you blog?

How do you blog?

How do you read other posts??

Do you use the old/traditional blogger page?

Do you browse in the new interface?

Do you use google reader?

How do Wordpress users read their blogs?

This is what I do.... takes me to my home page that looks like this:

I obviously use the old interface. I have a hard time using the new one. I like it and understand it, but until they make me change (and I'm sure they will) I'm not gonna use it. It's cooler, it's sleeker, I just don't wanna use it. See... much cooler looking:

When I first log in I check my followers; it doesn't change like ever. Then I click on my stats and check my traffic sources. I note which blogs are sending the most viewers so that I link up to their page more often. I always get a giggle out of the search keywords that land hits on my blog. Like this one... What was this person looking for? 

I then scroll down to the reader portion. I then (ctrl) click on all the posts I havent read. Sometimes (most of the time) my browser looks like this:

Then I look through the posts. I don't ALWAYS read all the text. I'm guilty. Most of the time, I scroll down and look at the pictures. If the pictures intrigue me, then I read the text (add pics to your posts, peeps). Do I read every post? No... I do have my must reads though. My all time #1 don't miss a post blog is def Sydney from The Daybook. She just had a baby boy and I drool over her story and her posts. Often times they are so simple, yet so captivating.

Do I comment? I go through phases. Sometimes, I'll comment on EVERYTHING clicking on several linky parties and comment vomiting on them. Other times, I just look. Don't you hate that? When people look, but don't say anything? Somedays I'll have over 400 views, with no comments. How's that? Anyways... So I make an effort to let people know I'm reading their business. Do you? You should! It makes bloggers feel good to see this in their inbox:

I even label them in my inbox for easy access when I get a little free time to reply!

Speaking of comments... Are you a no reply comment blogger? You shouldn't be. It's dreadful. When I get a comment, I reply. Even if it's just a "thanks for the comment!" I want my readers to know that I appreciate them taking the time to read and express their opinion. How do I do this? Simply hitting "reply" on the email I get telling me I have a comment. Unless you are a no reply comment blogger. Then I can't. Check your status now. (it's like an aids advertisement, lol). 

Here's how you can relieve yourself of that dreaded status. Click here.

Do you reply to your readers comments? You should :) It makes them feel good!

Also, how do you follow blogs? The blogger followers gadget? Google friend connect? Email subscription?

I try and find folks who might be interested in giveaways, I promote my giveaways on facebook, and I enter my friends' awesome giveaways like this one (go enter NOW):

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I blog. 


Amanda said...

I'm stuck in the addicted to old blogger too. SO glad I'm not the only one! Haha! And I also look at pictures before sad, but it is true!

Laurie said...

LOL!!! I love the old blogger...and thank you for the tips on blogging will def be using them!!

Keri said...

I love the new blogger. And I read every word of every blog post... if I don't feel the need to read the posts of a blogger, I stop following them.

As for commenting, I am having serious trouble with that. Most blogs I have to log in over three times to successfully leave a comment... and I never see a reply to my comments; so I don't reply becuase I thought ppl couldn't see them.

I don't get comments by email, and I check everything through my blog interface... maybe that is my problem... Hmmm.

Neat post. :)

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

You have a system and that is awesome! I am so all over the place :) I use fb a lot and I don't subscribe to any blogs by email. I think I would be overloaded. I use my sidebar for my daily reads and try to use reeder when I can. So many great blogs so little time! You are of course on my sidebar :)
And now I believe I need a system

elise @ elise's pieces said...

Love it! We're kind of similar. I use the new blogger layout and adore it. I try to always respond to my comments (I'm a big fan of people who have it set up so I can respond.) I have 3 go-to blogs that I look at first: Little miss momma, Daybook, and VWB. Then, I branch out to my other faves depending on how much time I have. CTRL+click is my best friend, my tab bar sometimes has, like, 50 blogs open at once. I'm ridiculous. I also love seeing the searches that lead to my blog, I get some of the weirdest things.
Also, my new favorite thing is following blogs on facebook. I find it's the easiest way for me to know when my fave's have posted and I love that it links right out.
Also, I try not to miss Mommy Thoughts Thursday. It's my favorite thing on your blog. :)

Brittany Crow said...

I've started using the new blogger interface. Not for any particular reason, I just have.
I usually read every word of a blog post, but I'm not currently following that many blogs (although right now I have like six tabs open to go read). The reason I'm not following many blogs is because blogger is having issues with that right now. I've friend connected (followed) probably 20 blogs, but none of them show up on my reading list. Grrrr.
So I like the blog on facebook, and that's how I get my updates until blogger figures out their little bug.

Brittany Crow said...

Other interesting fact I just found: I have had 9 readers from Russia. And a few from some other countries.

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