Mini Tour of Our Home

Hubs and I are in love with our new home. It's simple, it's perfect, it's ours. We have decorated it to our liking, but are still enjoying our pretty perfect walls and haven't done much hanging yet. We are hesitant to put holes in our walls and make major changes because everything is BRAND NEW! We hung a few things, but not much. Our focus has certainly shifted from the HOUSE to the NURSERY! You guys will def get to see that process!
a few shots of our Master Bedroom
Kitchen and Living Room

Our antique Piano

Dining Room         Guest Bathroom         Baby Room       Baby's View 

Our Half sodded backyard with fully wooded lot (never to be developed) behind us. 
Like I said... We haven't altered the home too much from it's original state. It's so hard because it's BRAND NEW! We will def be saving our bucks & energy for the baby room though :)


Ashley said...

I love seeing inside of people's houses! All of your decorating is really nice!

Jenna said...

So cute, it looks great! Congrats on your new home, that's so exciting! Can't wait to the nursery develop!

Brittany Crow said...

Wow! That backyard is HUGE!!! Very nice!

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