Mommy Thoughts Thursday {BABY FACES}



This mommy's thoughts are consumed with what little Madison will look like. I hope she looks just like her daddy. Thick dark hair. Olive skin. Beautiful eyes. I hope Madison is the spitting image of her father.

Thanks for your input last week. I most definitely will be making my own baby food. I will be putting the baby bullet on my registry along with cute little containers!


Jacy said...

Love this! I've been thinking about that too for our little will be awesome to see his face :)
(also need to pick a name still haha)

Aleks said...

i think Baby Madison will have curly blonde hair. babys with curls are oh so cute. but no matter what she looks like she will be perfect. i am so excited for the two of you.

Sami said...

Both my kids were born looking just like their daddy, now my daughter who is almost 2 looks more like me but my son who is 3 months still looks identical to his daddy but with red hair and my skin color. Either way you will adore your sweet little one.

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