10 Things I'll Miss About Pregnancy

Well my days are dwindling down. According to my counter on thebump.com I only have 20 days left. I began to reflect over my pregnancy and made a list of things i'll miss. 

10. Having an excuse to send my hubby on random food runs.

You know those cravings that must be fulfilled for your pregnancy to be successful? Luckily we live like a block from a convenience store so we can snag up a  pint {or two} at pretty much any waking hour. In fact, just last night I asked husband if he was craving something sweet. After his man joke, I convinced him that he indeed wanted to go get some ice cream. No, no... It wasn't I who wanted this ice cream. It was hiiiiiiim. This is only #10 because he would get it even if when I didn't have an excuse :)

09. That immediate bond you have with new moms.

They get it. They get you and your emotions. They understand how annoying it is to always be asked "How are you feeling..." They know that you don't feel good, so they simply don't ask. They sympathize with you and can give you REAL advice.

08. People catering to me.

Once babycakes is born, it will be all about her. It's supposed to be that way, but for now... It's about me. Let's get real... who wouldn't like that? I'm soaking it up.

07. My Maternity Pillow.

Enough said.

06.My thick hair.

Even though it's always pulled back because I feel terrible, it's very thick right now.

05. Sleep.

I could pretty much lay my head down at any hour right now and fall fast asleep. Sleep hasn't really been something I struggled with too  much. I had a really bad week once, but other than that... I sleep well. We all know that new parents are sleep deprived.

04. Alone time with the hubby...

Let's face it... I'm soaking it up having him all to myself right now. I'm gonna miss it being just the two of us for sure.

03. The movement.

I didn't feel Madison move much until the 3rd trimester. My placenta was in the front, so it muffled her movements. I never feared that she wasn't ok, but I was sad that I couldn't feel her. Other people couldn't feel her either. Once that third trimester hit, my placenta got in the perfect spot and there she went a wigglin! I now feel her move pretty constantly. It's  not always the most delightful sensation, but it's still awesome. She's like her mommy; she pokes that little butt out, and causes my belly to be all lumpy! We can see her move now, too! Sometimes my belly just morphs into a totally different character. Yupp. I'll def miss it.

02. The belly massages. Oh, the belly massages.

{yes, this is def #2}

01. Having her with me all the time.

Right now I'm having a little anxiety about returning to work. It makes me feel like a bad mommy. I want to be with her all day and night... I want to be her sole caregiver. Unfortunately, our financial situation does not allow for that. I am so blessed though; I do not have to send her to daycare or hire a Nanny. Madison's grandmother will be keeping her during the day. Someone who loves her deeply and will protect & nourish her needs. I still feel guilty, though. I still feel like "good mommies" stay home with their babies. I know that it doesn't mean that working mommies are bad... It's just a crazy emotion I'm experiencing right now. She is with me everywhere I go. No one else can hold her, touch her, or give her germs. I am her protection, comfort, and home!


Ashley said...

I missed a lot of the same stuff too but you get to replace it with so many other wonderful things once she is born. Although, I loved having people kind of cater to my needs! :)

Janet said...

I can't say I missed being pregnant by the time it was over- both pregnancies were complicated. One only lasted 7 months and I had an emergency c-section. I've always envied those who, like you and most moms, have healthy pregnancies. I get why you'll miss it. But then you'll get to look into her eyes, see her expressions, all the things you expect to miss will probably fade away....

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