Mommy Thoughts Thursday {HOSPITAL BAG}

Goodness me. I need to exhale.
My life has been a whirlwind these past few.... weeks.

I had a bout with some sickness that put me on the verge of pneumonia, so I'm busily catching up with everything. Not to mention, I've kinda lost the urge to blog right now. So many other things are taking precedence in my mind.

{did you notice I added a picture over there --->}

It is time for Mommy Thoughts Thursday, though... And this one is rather urgent since I've been experiencing lots of pressure in my hips, runny nose, mild MILD contractions, and many other "you're almost there" symptoms. I'm ready. I've been ready since I wrote this post about my body.
That infamous hospital bag. 
What to pack?
What items are essential
What did you forget?

Anything random that kept you sane?
What kind of snacks should I take?

What about for the baby?
What all will I need to have ready for her?

And daddy
What will he need to have on hand?
Please. I'm begging you. Help me!

What do you think of this list? Is it pretty inclusive?
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Jacy said...

So glad you posted about this, was just running things through my mind the other day! Can't wait to hear what people suggest...

For me, I'm making sure I bring a portable CD player/or hubby's tablet with soothing music for the room. We have nice ocean/water sounds and mellow worship music. I want to create a peaceful room as much as possible! :)

BodaciousDreams said...

take your pillows! A fan or some sort of noise maker-- that is a life saver. You wont have to bring much for baby...Outfits, blankets, carseat. The hospital is good about providing EVERYTHING baby will need. BOPPY!! We over packed but we were an hour & half away from home so it wasnt a bad thing lol!

Life Created....the blog said...

You really wont know what you want til it may think you want peaceful music now, but when it starts you might find every little noise annoying.
Yes, bring your pillows...and dont overpack....both times I brought way more stuff than I only needs an outfit, maybe 2...the hospital should provide you with newborn diapers and the essentials for the first few days...they usually have enough that you even have extras to take home.
I found that a kittle back massager/vibrating massager I got at target was my best friend.

I guess it all depends if you are getting an epidural first I had naturally, and it was 11 hrs of pain that was best soothed by the rocking chair in the room and my massager. For my second, it was an induction. At 5 cm i had to get and epidural, and the last 5 cm were spent watching tv and laughing with my husband.
I hope you enjoy these last days of alone time....if theres anything you enjoy doing alone and in peace, do it now ;)....congrats!

Lindsey said...

Bring your own bath towel... hospital ones are like sandpaper and nothing feels better than that first shower after having the baby, so why ruin it with a bummer towel? :)

Bring some kind of protein-y snack for just after the birth. Don't eat a sugary, carb-y snack after doing all that hard work! Even just a pb&j from home tastes great in that moment.

Don't drink Gatorade, it often makes people throw up. Water is great, and the hospital has juice too if you want a change up.

Pack extra copies of your birth plan just in case you end up going through a shift change and new nurses need it.

Mrs. Schafer said...

Hospitals are known for being a bit on the cooler side. I was told by a recent dad that he was FREEZING while his wife was in labor and of course, she was hot.
So my hubby was happy to hear that advice and will be brining some warmer clothing.

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