iBelieve in Mommies

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iBelieve in mommies.
Mommies make the world go 'round.

A mother's care isn't something expressed only to her biological children, but to children worldwide. Some mommies love fur animals, some mommies love foster children, some mommies keep nursery, other mommies raise their own.

Mommies come in all different shapes and forms. Some are our blood line, and some are given to us by God. A mother's heart transcends generations with love.

A mother's love is unconditional.

A mother's heart is divine.

I believe in mommies.
Especially all of mine!


As I began to reflect upon what it means to be a mommy, I begin to thank God for all the motherly influences I've had in my life. Of course #1 being my own mother. She taught me so much. Looking back, even though I'd never admit it then, she knew what she was doing with me. She taught me love, patience, discipline, and so much more. She is the hardest working person I know (besides my dad), and I admire her for that. She is very goal oriented and compassionate. She is fun, and knows when I just need a friend.

I also have plenty of other moms that aren't blood related. My church family has been great in loving me in a motherly way. It just so happens that I got to keep one of them... She's my mother in law now! She gets to be the Nanny to our baby, and I'm so glad. She mothered me growing up, of course mothered my husband, and now she will be a grandmommy to our children. What a crazy cycle that is! I love it.

I pray that I can learn from all the mommies God has given me. I pray that I will be a mommy who is patient with her daughter. I pray that I will be Godly mother.

What kind of mommies has the Lord blessed you with?
Is there one in particular that has mentored you?
Do you have an inspiring mommy story? My mom is one of my heroes for sure.

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Anonymous said...

I love yo so much! You are going to be a wonderful mommie!

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