Mommy Thoughts Thursday {ORGANIZATION}

Well if you saw yesterday's post you may know why I'm a little overwhelmed! We received so many beautiful gifts at a church Shower this past Sunday! I swear this little angel got over 50 outfits! Not including socks, hairbows, shoes, etc! The shower was a blessing. Oh.. You want to see pictures? ok....
{if you don't care, scroll down. I still need your advice}

Well I get home from the shower, and I'm a little distraught. 
"Where do I put all this stuff..?"
By no means do I want to get rid of ANY of it.
The lace, ruffles, tutus, and bows are darling!
How do I store it!?!
Where does it all need to go relative to the
changing table,
 closet, etc?
Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest. 

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

How did you organize your nursery?
Ok, random, but you know the “Triangle” that is used in design for kitchens? Someone needs to come up with one of those for nurseries!


Lani @ Its My Life said...

What a fun party!

Jacy said...

Amazing shower pics and awesome pinterest pins!! The bottom is actually the colors of David's room and his closet is going to be organized (some-what) the same way :)

All the new stuff is overwhelming, I know! Take one thing at a time, mama... <3

Ashley said...

What an awesome shower!! As for organizing.... that's tough. I probably changed my system three times. I liked hanging the onesies by the size my baby was in and folding the other sizes till they fit into them. Also, things you need at the ready keep them in organized bins so they are tucked away but easy to get to.

Anonymous said...

I think that the number one thing to remember is that it won't ever be perfect. Every time you get everything where it fits and works she will go up a size, start crawling, walking, needing different toys or clothes. Her room will be a work in progress that changes as quickly as she does.

I think another thing to remember when organizing her nursery is that everything doesn't have to stay in her nursery. Integrate her into your whole house organization!

Hoping that was helpful!

mdhall said...

Those cupcakes were too cute! Don't have any children, so I won't be much help, but I did want to say I saw the closet organized by size idea on Pinterest too and thought that was a great idea.

Janet said...

I kept clothes separated by size and season as much as possible. If I knew babe would not be wearing 6 mo. in the summer, I'd trade, give away, whatever, to keep it manageable. Love the pinterest ideas with toy storage, etc. As others have said, expect to change it as you go. Doesn't look like you'll be overwhelmed with laundry :-)

Jelli said...

I know it may seem counterintuitive as a first-time mom, but giving away many of the shower gifts you know you won't need/use is a great way to avoid having to store it all. We received oodles more blankets, towels, and disposable diapers (we use cloth) and many a state-run children's home is very very excited to receive these donations. Love your sweet little blog. Praying you have a wonderful birth experience!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww how fun is that!! isn't getting gifts for the lil one SO awesome!! :D congrats!

Bettina said...

Hi, visiting from Nichelle's blog. I hear you on how to store all the stuff for baby. I've just finished putting all ours away and have re-arranged it a thousand times already ( yeah I know - nesting). I'm due with my first in two weeks. Nice to meet you.

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