iBelieve in Sex Education

...but I believe it should be done at home.

iBelieve that parents should teach their children about sex at a very young age.
iBelieve that sex education should be done in the home by the mother and father.
iBelieve that the consequences of sexual immorality should be defined and labled as outright consequences.
iBelieve that the benefits & intimacy bestowed by God should be clarified and not avoided.
iBelieve that parents should watch over their children & protect them from distraught views on sex.
iBelieve that children and teenagers should be given explicit definitions of their boundaries.
iBelieve that wholesome dating is good & educational. 
iBelieve that parents should open a clear line of communication about sex including curiosity.
iBelieve that questions about sexual relationships should be entertained & not avoided.
iBelieve that sexual education starts at home & at a very young age.
iBelieve that sexual education is the right and privilege of the parent.
iBelieve that we are to provide our children with accurate information. 
iBelieve that God has given parents the responsibility to educate our children, and not teach them taboo principles.
iBelieve that education and information is much more effective than a scare tactic. 
iBelieve we must protect our children from sexual abuse. We must teach them it's not okay for people to touch them. We must let them know it's ok to tell someone if they are harmed. We must teach them to trust their guts when it comes to right and wrong. 

I heard a sermon on sex earlier this month. It was not danced around. It was not vague. It got me thinking about my sweet little girl and how my husband and I are to teach her right and wrong. With me being the mother, I will be solely responsible for educating her on her body, how it works, and what is right and wrong. Her father will have the responsibility of showing her how she must demand to be treated by a potential boyfriend. That's a heavy load.

How do you emphasize sexual education in your home?
How did your parents teach you?
No rules, just please add the button :)


Nick Watson said...

I agree with your post! It is the parents' responsibility and duty to their children to provide them with the truth and proper guidance in this field. My parents never gave me "the talk". I had to learn about these things through my peers and through television. I still understand the consequences and everything that comes along with it, but proper adult guidance I believe could have helped me more, if it had been handled correctly.

Kristina @ ReMadeSimple said...

I agree with everything you're saying- I was a former pregnancy prevention teacher in public schools and it was a shame how little parents were educating their kids-who were getting pregnant left and right.

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...


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