Mommy Thoughts Thursday {FINAL COUNTDOWN}

The house is ready.
The nursery is "ready."
I'm ready.

I'm having trouble sleeping.
I don't wanna go to work.

My feet are huge.
My body is uncomfortable.

Any advice for a mommy to be in these last few days/weeks? How to stay comfortable? How to be tolerable of... life?

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Lani @ Its My Life said...

It's all be worth it when it gets here!

Bettina said...

You don't want to hear it because you will be feeling so impatient to meet her (remember I was so over it). But really try to rest. You are about to start the biggest adventure of your life, starting with a marathon (labour and birth). You will come out the other side with the most amazing gift but you will not feel like yourself for a while. You will probably not get time to make you feels a little bit normal either. So even though it is insanely hard rest rest rest. And try not to wish away the days. Do some nice things for yourself. Pedicures, relaxing baths, daydream, read, sleep, watch your favourite shows one after the other. Before you know it she will be here and you will be wondering why you were worried that the day would never come. Then you will spend your days staring at your amazing little creation wondering how you did it.

Laurie said...

hey ,thanks for the comment!!!!
And I'll be praying for safety and rest for you and the baby<3

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