Collage Wall {Wax Paper Method}

Have any of you seen this pin?

Well, ever since husband and I got married (November 2010), I've had dreams of a collage wall. My nesting urges have finally gotten me motivated to actually put one up. This was super fun and super simple. Not all my frames are matchy matchy, and it's not perfect. I love it, though!

First I laid out my frames and figured out which arrangement I wanted.

I taped together four rows of wax paper and laid them over the wrong-side-up frames. Then, I marked with a Sharpie where the nails would go.

Then I took the wax paper and taped it to the wall. Adjusted up, down, left right... 

Next, you simply nail right through that wax paper on the dots.

Pull down the wax paper (the nails stay, duhr)

Hang your framed masterpieces, and Voila!
{Notice I said "I," but my hubby is the one doing all the work ;)}

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Samantha said...

Looks fabulous! Great job, momma!!

sandee said...

lol, I did notice the "I" and all pictures of hubby doing the work, but then hey, you seem to be about to pop, so let him do it! You came up with the fantastic idea, right? Your collage of pictures turned out awesome!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Laurie said...

Megan,I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!

MissB said...

Megs, These pictures don't do it justice! It looks SOOO much better in person :) When I get my own house (years down the road) I am gonna be glad I have you to ask advice from!
Love ya girl

Andrea said...

I love this! I've never seen this idea before! = )

Janet said...

Great idea and results. The simple things that make such difference and never occur to me. Thanks for sharing.

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