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 Hello Fellow The Mrs. Readers! 
I am so excited to be here guest posting for Megan while she is welcoming her Bundle of Joy into the world!!
My name is Maria-Isabel and you might know me from my blog Agape Love Designs.
But I also have a lesser known blog called Mommy Made.
Mommy made is like my online journal for my kids where I share our activities, memories, adventures and, because I am a crafty momma, all things Mommy Made of course!
Today I would like to share with you something I would normally write about on Mommy Made.

A Changed Heart
Its almost hard to believe that I am a 27 years old (28 in August) mother to THREE amazing children. I must confess, when I was younger I always said I would never have children. I didn't want kids... I didn't even really like kids! *sigh* To be fair I also said I would never get married either or sleep in the same bed with my husband if I did happen to get married. Yet here I am... A married mother of three, (who does in fact sleep in the same bed as her husband) with a changed heart. Such a big love for my family and life - Just as it is - Just as I said I'd never have.

Who knew this would be me, my life, my heart? Certainly I did not. But God knew. God knew me and my heart from the start. Psalm 139:16 says God knew me and all my days before I was even born, and Psalm 44:21 says God knows the secrets of the heart. So God knew this once rough and tough "tom boy" of a girl would one day be a sensitive, emotional, woman with a job to care for three little blessings. Its funny how much a woman changes once she has kids. I remember when I was younger, never wanting to let my guard down, I never cried - not in front of anyone at least. And now goodness, it seems I cry over everything. Good or bad, happy or sad.. I'm crying over it. haha I sometimes wondered why God allowed me to have children...

One day a thought came to me... Maybe its silly or maybe its not, but sometimes I think God blesses us with children so that we know how He feels.. So that we can know and understand HIS heart more. Its a way to form our hearts to His. After all, He is our heavenly Father and we are His children! Think of the great love you have for your children. Even Before they were born, while they were still in your womb. You loved them so much! You planned and prepared for them. You think of their future and you only want whats best for them. You love them so much, nothing they could do could make you not love them... Its an unconditional love, (Agape Love). Thats how God loves us!

Now think of when your child disobeys, when they lie to you or get hurt or in trouble because they didn't listen to you. How does that make you feel? Sad? Frustrated? Disappointed? Mad? You wish your child would have just listened to you, understood that you know best, and only wanted to protect them from harm or hardship.... Right about this point, right before I start to get angry - that thought pops into my head. "I bet this is how God feels about me when I don't listen, when I disobey, when I SIN." Oh Man. *Totally Guilty!* Then I remember God's great love for me, his mercy and forgiveness. And I am humbled.

I'm left with a changed heart. Instead of punishing out of anger, or frustration... which is my natural worldly reaction, I am reminded I need to discipline out of love. Of course there are still times when I totally lose my cool, and have to ask The Daddy to step in, because discipline has never been my best attribute as a mom. I am in no way perfect. I am a constant work in progress! But I am definitely learning to be better. And I find it interesting that through my kids, God is teaching ME a lesson. He is molding me, loving me, disciplining me, and changing my heart... forming it to His. Not only to be a better momma, but a better me in general. Maybe this is one of the reasons I am a Momma. Its teaching me, and growing me... Ive got to be an example! Its a big responsibility to raise kids, and raise them in the way of the Lord. Especially when I fall short every day! But it goes to show, no matter who you are, no matter how old or young, you can be far in your walk with the Lord or a brand new Christian. When you open yourself up to God and His will, His plan, He can use you. And also never say never...You may think you have plans for your life, but sometimes you just might have a change of heart!

Thank You SO much for reading!
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Wani said...

What a great post! Its so true - having kids changes us! And God doesn't call the equipped... He equips the called! Thanks for sharing!

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