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We went in for our appointment to confirm our suspicions that Madison is certainly breech, and her little butt is "engaged." The aversion procedure was mentioned by our doc, but not necessarily recommended. My fluid levels are low, and baby girl is a good size. Guess what??? She has HAIR! And lots of it!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you through my tears and my fear that Madison ______ Volnoff will be here Friday morning around 9:30am via a scheduled Cesarean Section. We will then release her middle name. For the time being.... An updated picture. And some nursery pics. (warning, poor quality, my camera isn't good enough to get good white balance in a yellow room!)

Now go guess the weight :)

...and I'm gonna go prepare for surgery. eek.


Megan said...

You guys will be in my prayers! I LOVE the owl pillow and blanket that says 'Maddie Lou Who'....too cute!

Amy said...

Oh! I know you must have a crazy rollercoaster of emotions about this development, but I assure you it will eventually be ok. I had a very hard time accepting that we ended up with a section, but it is what is best for you and your precious little babe. :) It will all go so well, and you will be holding your beautiful daughter soon! Best of luck for a safe and speedy delivery and recovery! You will have lots of thoughts and prayers being sent your way. And I looooooove the nursery. So beautiful! :)

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

Praying everything goes well. Yay for babies!!! The room is GORGEOUSSSSS

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