iBelieve: controversy

I don’t think that any woman should see the Magic Mike movie, especially not Christian women. I think it is degrading not only to men, but to their children and how hard they work to support families through honestly earned dollars (i think that's a run on sentence). I believe it is a sin to watch this movie because it idolizes the body and lessens the importance of keeping  the temple of the Holy Spirit pure. Not to mention, it harms our witness. We as Christians are called to live above these influences. I'm proud to say I'm not even tempted to watch even the previews. My husband is my Magic Mike.

I support Chick Fil A and their stance on the family. I will continue to eat there and support them through this persecution. #teamchikfila. The bible tells us to count it as joy when we are persecuted, I'm confident the head sandwich guys are doing so. 

I believe we should have stricter gun laws. Not outlawing them, but the government should regulate them a little more strictly. Why does an civilian need automatic assault weapons? Ammunition should not be available for purchase online.

I am vaccinating my child.

I am a breastfeeding mother who strives to provide my child with the best nourishment through God’s provision. I respect any mother who has the gusto to breastfeed in public.

In other news, my post partum body is the shape of a square.

...and my child already needs an iPhone


Megan said...

I just posted a facebook status about Chick Fil-A. What I don't understand is why it's okay to put down people with conservative values, but if someone dared to put down someone with liberal values or refuse to shop/eat somewhere because the owner was (for example) gay-there would be an uproar and every celebrity in the country would be on your case. Why can't we just respect other people as human beings and stop worrying so much about their beliefs on one topic or another (especially for something like a restaurant)? Sorry for the rambling comment...I hope it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I pay so little attention to the entertainment scene (exactly for the reasons you wrote), I don't even know who/what Magic Mike is and now I sure don't want to know. Agree 1,000% about Chick-Fil-A and wish they had stores in CT so I could support them. You rock more now as a mom than you did before, and that's saying something. BTW, you won't stay that shape, LOL.

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