Dear Mary Alice

As many of you know, my husband’s sister and her husband recently brought home their sweet daughter, Mary Alice, from Taiwan. It was a long, hard journey for them, but I’m certain they’d say it was all worth it now that she’s home. This is my letter to my niece.
used with permission from Emily Dudley Photography
Dear Mary Alice,

You will never fully understand the realms of what you have done for our extended family. We prayed for you and your journey home for what seemed like forever. We prayed for your mommy and daddy and mourned with them along the way. We knew that God would bring you to us at a perfect time, but were saddened to see your mommy and daddy in so much pain.

Your mommy experienced pain that I will never understand. Our journey s to being a mommy were totally different. Now, we are simply two mommies just trying to figure you and your cousin out. We have a bond that unites mothers across the world, but our bond is pretty cool since our girls are going to grow up together. We only want the best for you and your cousin.

When we are able to gather together I just feel the Spirit of Jesus filling my heart with joy. As my Madison has made your Uncle Pee Pee and I complete and you have made your mommy and daddy complete, the two of you together makes everything right. Your mommy and I now have plenty to talk about (we never really struggled before, though). We never thought our conversations would be so concerned over poo poo and thumb sucking, but they are. We love it! We laugh at you and your cousin and share stories about how bo-bo you two can be sometimes.

See? You have me and your mommy closer than before. I thank God for you and for what you have done.

I remember the day I found out that your cousin Madison would be joining our family. I mourned for your mommy and daddy then, too. I knew this would be extremely hard news for your mommy to receive since this miracle happened so easy for us and the journey to bring you home was difficult. I feared your mommy would no longer like me.

There were times when we had to be distant from the journey to bring you home because our world was filled with joy for the arrival of your cousin. We did not want to make your mommy and daddy sadder, so we prayed, loved, and mourned from a distance. I feared there would be tension between us. There was for a short while, but that’s when God sent you.

Did you know that you made our family complete? You made everything ok.

I remember the moment I first saw you in person at the airport. I could not contain my tears. The bond that you formed between your mommy and me is indescribable. Immediately, the past was forgotten and two mommies came together to talk about their babies. Two aunts received nieces that will grow up together.  When gathered together at your house that evening it was like this weight had been lifted. I can’t really explain it all that well, but it was just that. Complete. You made our family whole.  We did not want to be separated from you and your parents.

Remember how I said we knew God would bring you to us at a perfect time? It could not get more perfect than this. You and Madison will be the same age for the rest of your life! It’s so fun watching you now. You are growing one step ahead of your cousin, and I love watching you learn (even if it is through pictures sometimes). You will eventually teach her lots of things about crawling, walking, and talking. Even though we know you two are already scheming against your Papaw for ponies.  You two already have him wrapped around your finger. Did you know that your Papaw’s heart is so full of joy when he gets to hold the two of you at the same time? Don't even get me started on Nanny. If she could tote you two around all day at the same time, she would. She loves you both very much!

Mary Alice, you are so beautiful and I cannot wait to watch you blossom into a beautiful little girl, then teenager, and eventually a young adult.

I love you, lobster gurl.


Anonymous said...

I am boo-hooing, not fair! Love you guys and wish that we could see you more often. Mary Alice has the best Aunt ever!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love yo Megan and you have such a sweet heart! Mary Alice is so precious, I could not even hardly talk to her Sunday for crying. I know Matthew F thinks I am a big goober!

Megan said...

So beautiful! I love adoption stories. They make my heart smile. How wonderful that your girls will be able to grow up together. I had a cousin the same age as me and it is so much fun!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Man oh man, God is just so clever.

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