I'm in such a weird season of life right now. My schedule is so bonkers. I set an alarm for 5am, and on most nights I crawl into bed around 10:30 or so.{Disclaimer: I'm not asking for pity because I know many of you have done this. And done it well} I don't know where to "squeeze" God in. I want so bad to dig dig DIG into scripture. I just can't find a time when I am coherent enough to do it. I must either "rise while it is still night" or stay up later than everyone else.

This mommy schedule ain't easy.
{no one said it was}

I'm not awake enough in the mornings to really absorb the Word, but I have so many things claiming my attention during the day. Work 8-5 and then when I'm home I soak up as much baby and daddy time as I can- and nurse every 2.5 hours. Once baby is "down for the night" I must prepare all the necessities for the next day {bottles, lunches, cereal, etc.}

I need my sleep. I need it. But I also need God. I'm hungry, and I must figure this out.

Dear Lord please help me. 
a perdurable a day, helps you sleep, work and play


Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

I Love that you're so real! I hope you figure out how to find time for God soon. Especially if it means your sanity. You'll be fine though love. All of those blogging Mommy's out there get through it one way or another. Take care.


Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Interesting to read your post today. It's a cry of many many mums, you are not alone. My mentor and I were discussing God time earlier this wk. She had a leaflet about having 7 mins with God. Many mums find they have to have 2 or 3 smaller bites of time with God. I read my bible most days and have several pray times through the day. God meets with me while I'm washing dishes or driving in the car with worship music on. The Bible doesnt say anywhere that we have to have 1/2 hr every day. That's man's rule so allow yourself some of His grace. My youngest is 13 and I'm only now getting back into my old routines. Blessings

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