Dorm Decor: Dixie Cup Garland

My sis is headed off to college in just over a week! Yay for her! She came over this past Saturday, and we did a little crafting. Her favorite color is purple, so we did some purple crafts.

Our first project was inspired by this gal

We purchased some beautiful purple fabric. This is what you will need, along with scissors and an exacto knife.

The process is simple. The hardest part is getting your template, and the rest is fun! We tried to wrap our paper around the cup and get a template that way. Pshh... Not happenin!

We cut the bottom out of our cup, and then cut the cup in half. We laid it out on the paper flat to trace it for our template. Then you just cut out the number of fabric pieces you need (we did 20). Use Modge Podge to affix your fabric to the cup and paint a layer of Modge Podge on attached fabric. Let them dry. Cut an X in the top of your cups and push the bulbs through the bottom (now top) of your cup. Voila, you have Dixie Cup Garland! It's so easy and beautiful. I'm thinking about doing some for Madison's nursery!

Look how good they turned out!

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Megan said...

Wow...those are cute. Would never know they were made from cups.

Rebecca @ Better Life Bags said...

Ahhhh!!! I have this pinned and want to do it sometime, too! Great idea to use clear plastic cups!! Thanks for linking up to the challenge, my friend!

Di Jinx said...

Now those are cute! Btw, found you through Vintage Wanna Bee. I linked up:
If you get a sec, please check it out. Thanks,Di{CookTheTV}

Lori Stokes Wright said...

These are great! How nice your sister will have these in her dorm in case she misses you. Found you at The Pinterest Challenge Hugs~Lori

Kathe said...

Wow Megan! those would be perfect for any party or decor! Genius! Thanks for sharing at the party ♥ I love it :-)

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