Slash & Weekend

Have you seen this weeks Slash Challenge?

"Try something new"

"If you want something you've never had you have to do something you've never done."
-Thomas Jefferson
What am I going to do new? I'm not sure. I plan to pray about it and hopefully have some inspiration tonight :)

And now for the weekend...
Friday I got my hairs chopped off. I do not have a good picture of it, so here. Take this crummy non smart phone office pic for the time being.

I even cooked Friday night, too! Poppy Seed Chicken. AND if we're friends on facebook, and you saw my post. You can def cook it with Cream of MUSHROOM instead of Cream of CHICKEN. I'm not sure how many nights I cooked this past week, but I can only remember having Chick Fil A once on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure  that's the only night I didn't cook. Woop. Go GOALS!

Saturday we moved my sister to college. It wasn't weird or anything.... Really. She's so mature and advanced, I feel like she should already be in college. I will hold off on all the mushy gushy stuff about this phase (i totally just typed that "fase" ???) of her life for a later post. Here are some pics of her {adorbz} room.

and we went out to dinner and enjoyed some terrible service and cold food!
sister, mom, myself 



The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Your hair cut is adorable!! Congrats on the cooking goals! I need to attempt to that also! Thanks for stopping by.

Megan said...

Is your sister at Troy?

Anonymous said...

The haircut is so cute! I like it better than when it was long, just the right amount of wave for length. You're doing pretty well with cooking at this time in your life. It's hard with baby, job, etc. Does hubs like the hair?

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