Destin 2012 {in a ton of pictures}

Ok, so maybe most of the pictures are of Madison, but oh well.

This past weekend my family snuck away for a getaway from reality. We got to do some awesome shopping at a local outlet mall, eat some really good seafood, and just hang out. We played card games (does anyone even do this anymore?) and played with Madison. Madison sat in the restaurant high chairs for the first time, and saw the beach for the first time - breifly. It was very cold, so I tucked her away in the Moby for the majority of the time. It was a blast; it certainly rejuvinated me after the past few crazy weeks.

In other news, the boutique opens on Thursday. I have rented a booth to sell some of my rosette goodies (necklaces, rings, bracelets), zipper pouches, headbands, and even some little guy ties. I hope that it prospers, and am confident in my creativity. My only concern is that it may take a while for the boutique to take off - at least my booth, because it's not stuff that people locally are used to seeing. The whole "support handmade" movement isn't that great in the South, but we're getting there. I'll keep you updated on the progress, and hopefully get some pictures for you guys - I think there are enough in this post :)


Stephanie Studer said...

Im from Texas and handmade is huge there.... Give it time, people will love your stuff!

whitneycroy said...

Glad you had fun in Destin!! Maddie was 16 months old before we went to the beach and I thought it was even harder than being at home lol!

Megan said...

What a fun getaway! I haven't been to the beach in so long. Madison is such a pretty baby. I love seeing your pics.

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