A life without cable {week 1}

Wow, is this an adjustment.

I never knew how much our lives were centered around a television. My husband says that we were subconsciously obligated to watch it, since we were paying for it. Not only has a financial burden been lifted, but we are also a little more free to do things that are important.

Yes, we have rented several red box movies, and are currently watching a sitcom season on DVD, but it's totally different. We don't feel tied to the TV.

This past weekend was a long weekend for us, and the husband was even off on Friday. Instead of staying glued to ESPN all day, he cleaned our house. Like, really cleaned! I was so impressed! Sunday we watched redbox movies, but I will admit I was kind of going crazy without television. I don't know why, but it certainly took some adjusting. By Sunday night, I thought I was going to get a twitch from not having that back ground noise constantly going.

Monday we got out of the house and spent some time with family. I'd say that was more important that cable!

The weekend was our "phase out" period of cable, but since we are past that I think it's going to be great.

We still aren't sure if this is a permanent move or not. We shall see.

Do you have cable?
Have you recently turned cable off?


Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

the first six years we went without cable... we had PBS, CBS, NBC, and ABC so we never felt like we were doing without... but my big girl has become so dependent on it {Im a bad mommy, i know} that even though I hate cable, I cant take it away from her. Her heart would be broken

Sarah said...

Good for you guys! I am not as addicted to t.v. as my husband but when he has it on I am usually right there watching it with him. If there is nothing good on, on a Friday night we get so agitated and bored... how about doing something different? Play a game, sit and CHAT, work on a project together, etc... what a concept! Proud of you for making such a huge lifestyle change. I admire it!

Sarah Yoder said...

AWESOME! I am so excited for you! I didn't grow up with cable and hubbs and I have never had it since we have been married! Yuu are going to be surprised how easy it becomes to live without it! :)

Ryan said...

When I moved to Tennessee, I originally didnt have cable to cut my cost some. I ended up giving in because living by myself was driving me crazy! I really needed the background noise like you mentioned. Once Chase gets up here, I think we will probably get rid of it! What better excuse to go out and explore the new city!

Stefani said...

We got rid of our cable about a year ago and we LOVE it. We still watch TV, but it's always stuff we know we want to watch and it's great because we don't have to sit through as many ads. There are so many different things to do without it! Also, if you need your TV fix, we're big fans of Hulu Plus and *ahem* downloading torrents.

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