Mommy Thoughts Thursday {Must Read, Revisited}

Once upon a time, I was a pregnant momma researching techniques on soothing babies. Goodness was I scared. Scared of all this talk of colc, reflux, and crying it out. I cannot stand to let babies cry. I'm kind of a "fixer," ya know? The thought of letting my child cry herself to sleep just blew my mind. It didn't seem natural. It didn't seem right. I was not ok with it {some mommies are, and that's ok!}. I had a good friend recommend to me the beautiful book by Dr. Karp - The Happiest Baby on the Block.

It was genius. It made sense. It helped me understand the why and how of newborns crying. Sometimes, yes, they do cry for what seems like no reason. They are still in shock. They aren't used to being "dry."

Dr. Karp introduced me to what he calls the 4th Trimester. It makes TOTAL sense.

Some of this book gets a little fishy for me - it refers to evolution once or twice, but more so to the natural instinct of mother and baby. This book helped save my husband and I from long sleepless nights when Madison was a newborn.

I was breastfeeding, and Madison slept through the night practically from the time we brought her home from the hospital. Of course, by sleeping through the night I mean 5-6 hours.

Dr. Karp encourages the "Five Ss" of comforting babies to recreate their womb. That's what it's all about in the beginning - recreating the womb for our precious little ones. He does a great job of explaining it in an easy to read manner. So, expecting {or new} moms, do yourself a favor and read this book!

We implemented the Five Ss and I truly believe in them!!

Now, save yourself some agony and get this book!

Here's a link to purchase it!

{not compensated in any way - I wish I was that big time}


Creative Kid Snacks said...

You're right about this! We received the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD from our insurance company as a congratulatory gift (I know, kinda strange), and we totally used what we learned in it!

My husband even went around teaching it to every new father he met when the topic of babies came up!



Desirae R said...

I have heard of this book, but never read it. I hear wonderful things about it though.

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