Handmade Holidays: Nailed it.

Ok, I only nailed it literally. With a hammer and nails. Well, actually my husband did most of the nailing. While I was bouncing around on the internet one day I saw a really cute idea. It looked somewhat like the US above - probably just a little bit neater.

I made this bad boy for my sister in law and her family. They recently adopted from Taiwan, and I wanted to make them something a little sentimental that represented their adoption. If you can't see it quite right because the pictures are poor quality, I took one string and tied it from the area where my niece was born in Taiwan and strung it over to the "heart" that sits over Alabama - our state.

This project caused me fits and I debated on whether or not to give it to her for hours because it didn't turn out perfectly. I won't point out all the flaws here because it's rather embarrassing. My sis, mom, and husband all convinced me to give it to her and that she would appreciate my efforts. They assured me that she'd love it.

I finished it up and let it sit for a few hours while I got some sleep. When I woke up, my opinion did change a little and I actually kinda liked it. I was proud of hubs work and the parts that I did, too, so I wrapped up and gave it to her.

I'd like to think she at least liked it a little ;)

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