taking a break

Hello readers,

I'm taking a break.
I deleted facebook, twitter, & blogger aps from all my devices...

I will not be blogging during this break either.

I'm taking time to focus on some important things, and some possible changes in my life. I need to reconnect with my first love, Jesus, and spend more time with my family. All of this is hard to accomplish with the constant distractions from facebook, twitter, and blogger. I am guilty of comparing, and letting comparisons steal my joy. For the next little while, I'm gonna do me and let you do you. You are awesome, and I am awesome... just in different manners.

If you need me, you can find me in the floor of my living room playing with my baby.


more conveniently by email.
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Samantha said...

Good for you! I should do this soon! These little girls are growing waay too fast! <3

The Life Of Faith said...

Proud of you girl! Enjoy your sweet baby:)

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