My Big News...

Sorry, guys ;)
But if you want to pretend, you can re read this post:

As many of you have caught on. I have been very unhappy lately.
I have been dissatisfied with my commute and with my job. I felt so unfulfilled and so unappreciated.

God has provided!
No, I'm not going to be a stay at home mom, but I've certainly got the next best thing for us!

Let me rewind a little bit.
I had been praying and praying for deliverance from this unhappiness. I wasn't sure in what shape, form, or fashion that deliverance would come from, but I trusted God would know what was best for our little family. I interviewed for part time jobs, and nothing worked out, we considered me being a SAHM, and that just didn't come together, and then out of the blue my friend (my dear sweet friend) asked me if I would consider coming to work for her.

We both prayed and prayed.
I interviewed.
We both prayed and prayed some more.

We both had a peace about it and felt that this move would be right for my family and for her company. "Can I get a hot-tub?"  Yes, I will be working for State Farm with my very good friend, her husband, MY MOM (how cool??), and two other ladies I look forward to growing a relationship with.  I will be working full time, but the office is literally three miles from my front door. I will get to go home for lunch and on most days (hopefully, MIL?) see my darling sweet baby girl! How's that for motivation to get through the afternoon?

I don't know how else to explain it except for the peace of the Lord came over me. God promised that he would care for us, and that he would give us the desires of our heart when we seek him.

How do I feel?
I am so excited. As many of you know, I have been quite unhappy with my current situation for a while now. It could have been great with the VA, and it had all the potential to be a promising future for me there. Unfortunately, there were several things that were intolerable. It is also not a very lucrative time to be working for the government. This deliverance feels great!

I am of course a little nervous. I will be learning something completely and utterly new. I will have new requirements and a new work environment which always takes some level of adjustment. I am sad to leave some of the people I have become close too at my current job, and hope to stay in touch with most of them!

This is so exciting and so wonderful! God has provided and answered my prayers at the most perfect time! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for and encouraged me! I feel like this new job will allow me to be more relaxed and present when I am at home with my lovely family!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

No way! I'm joining a state farm office soon too!

Ashley said...

Congrats! That is wonderful! It is always amazing how things work out just as they are meant to. :)

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Congratulations!! This is wonderful news for you and your family!

susie lavender said...

I worked for State Farm for about 14 months after we moved to another state and I couldn't get a job in my field. I enjoyed the classes and got my certifications. The first week I was there we had a major hurricane and all I could do was answer the phone and take messages. This time gave me a greater appreciation for my insurance agent and all that he really does for us. Good luck.

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