Madison at ten months old.
My oh my, is she growing!
She is crawling EVERYWHERE, pulling up on EVERYTHING, and even trying to balance without holding on to ANYTHING! She is full of conversation, and talks a lot. If only we knew what she was saying!

She is clapping, making the motorboat noise with her lips, and she does this darling thing where she tilts her head back opens her mouth wide, and makes the "haaaaah" sound. It most often turns into a yawn, and it is darling!

She is getting four, yes four, teeth at the same time. The front four. The right top and bottom have poked through, and we are waiting on the other two to make their appearance.

She is preferring less of the pureed foods and is seriously interested in feeding herself. She is always interested in eating. She wants to eat whatever you're eating, and she gets seriously mad when all the food is gone. We are teaching her how to "push herself away from the table" so to speak. She would over eat every day if we let her. I'm so glad we have made healthy, organic choices for her - that way she can pretty much have a good serving of whatever she desires. We are starting our garden out back and are looking forward to feeding her from it this year.

We aren't over doing the sippy cup, but I know she will have no problem transitioning out of it. The kid would seriously lap milk out of a bucket if that was what was presented to her.

I told husband today that she is beginning to look more like a little girl than a "baby."

She is drinking whole milk during the day and nursing at night like a champ. She had her first bout of illness at 10 months and it only lasted for a little over 30 hours. Even when she is sick she is a very contented baby simply wanting someone to hold and snuggle her.

We love our baby.

Some of her favorite toys are her dolly, mom's iphone, her Wubbanub, the remote, diapers, wipes, and the remote :)

Big girl :)


Kristen Hamilton said...

Meagan, how precious! She is getting big! I know you're cherishing every moment. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie Postma said...

Love that you are documenting her growth! It will be so fun to go back and read these when you need to be reminded of these precious days.

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