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Husband and I have been getting serious about our garden in the back yard and turning our little plot of land into something that will work for us. We hope that it will truly be... ahem... fruitful. We have tilled our garden and began to prep the soil for the garden. I've become pretty passionate about it. I've watched several documentaries on Netflix and have realized the importance of turning your own land into a garden. 
{Check out Vegucated, King Corn, Save the Farm, and one of the most influential ones was Food Fight}

Once I got my seeds in from Kenyon Organics, I was so SO so excited to plant them!

I went and bought a little indoor green house thing at the suggestion of my wonderful sister in law. I've never used one of these, so I hope I did it right. I followed the directions to a T. 

Maybe I planted things a little to early, but I am real excited about the garden and I just couldn't wait! The brand is Jiffy (like the peanut butter), and it cost me like six bucks. There are 72 pods, and the directions instructed to plant 2-3 seeds per pod. 

First, you fill up the little tray with water until the pods turn what the instructions say "dark brown." They will eventually expand and be ready for your seeds...

Once the pods expand and turn "dark brown" you open them up and prepare them for your seeds.
I just kinda "tilled" it with my finger nail in preparation to sow my seeds.

I planted two rows of cabbage, two rows of carrots, and 8 rows of tomatoes. I'm not sure why I chose those numbers, but I did. I'm having a hard time with the logic of this whole gardening thing. But I've got some great back up in my sister in law. I honestly, have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm just kinda guessing around and googling as I go. 

Speaking of, I totally prayed over all of the seeds I planted. I prayed
"God, I have no idea what I'm doing, but it really doesn't matter because you are the God of nature and you know what it takes to grow these seeds. Please bless this seed, and this seed, and this seed.... I submit my little mini garden to you and I pray that you will bless our family with a good harvest from our work."
Silly? I think not, really.

I labeled my mini greenhouse. If you can see it...

And now, they are on our table. And I did catch myself placing my hands on them and praying over them as I walked by. Am I over doing it? Again, I think not.

Today, look what I noticed!!! Little baby sprouts of cabbage!

Oh yeah, and we have a DIY compost now!


As I was facebook messaging my sister friend, we were discussing how much can be learned from gardening. I hope to share//learn tons of lessons with you through this venture (and I hope she will, too, hint hint), but right now I'm learning how to make preparations relying on faith.

I know (again) a little silly.
I have put a lot of work (and money) into prepping this garden that may or may not have a wonderful harvest. It's all on faith. I really don't know if the garden will produce a nice little harvest for my family, but I am making preparations regardless. My husband and his father have tilled the garden and prepared the ground for the seeds. Again, making preparations. We make these preparations and allow God to do the rest. I am sowing the seeds and making an investment based on the faith that my garden will produce a harvest. I also have the realization that it may not. And that's ok, too.

To me, this compares to making preparations for the unknown. For the days ahead, we really don't know what will happen. We don't know what challenges or blessings God has in store for us. We need to make investments in our relationship for the future. I need to do my part and let God do the rest. I need to be committing scripture to memory and building rapport with God daily. I need to be able to be sensitive to hearing him. This comes from spending time with him daily. Making preparations for the days to come.

The days ahead may have a fruitful harvest.
They may be barren, dry, and rough.

Either way, I am learning to store up and prepare my heart for the days ahead. 
And take on faith that God has my best interest in heart. 

{Disclaimer: I was very tempted to delete this little blurb at the end because to some, it may be shallow, but to me it is profound. Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes}



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Good luck with your garden!

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