Life and A Baby Swimming Blurb

Life is happening.
I'm not really inspired to blog.
It's not really a priority, but it did bring me joy.
I did enjoy it when I had time for it.

I'm trying to balance life and enjoy it.
I'd love to say "SO much is going on"
And I'm "too busy."
But I'm not... I just don't want to right now.

So for now, an update in pictures.

Madison tolerating the float for a brief moment with her Papaw.

So, of course it is Summer, so we have spent some time outside and by the pool. Madison is a fish. She absolutely loves the water. She wants us to completely let go of her and let her swim on her own. Unfortunately, I have not educated myself on teaching infants/toddlers to swim, and am not comfortable with just letting her do what she wants. She gets annoyed with a float and practically wants to be shoulder deep in the water. I love it! She is such a fun water baby. She kicks, splashes, and dunks her face into the water. I've got to get some resources on making swimming more fun for her and educate myself on how to teach her to swim safely. Do any of you have any resources? Suggestions? Links to videos?

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Jennifer S said...

My daughter (she turned 2 in April) and I are currently taking a parent/tot swim class at the local pool. She loves, loves, loves it! We took the same class last summer, and she enjoyed it then as well! It has been fun, they teach you different ways to hold them, and how to get them comfortable with the water. A good thing we learned was to give them a que if we were going to dunk them under the water, such as 1,2,3 or ready, set, go, and right before dunking them to blow air into their face. That causes them to exhale, so they are less likely to inhale water when they go down. Last year my daughter hated life jacket day, but last week she loved it, I think that she enjoyed it because she could kind of swim no her own, and I didn't have to hold her the whole time. That is so exciting that your daughter enjoys the water so much. I would recomend a parent/tot swim class if there is one available to you!

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