Gatlinburg, TN.
A place that is near and dear to our heart. We honeymooned there, and the area has a lot of sentimental value to each of our families. We visited the great smokies for Memorial Day weekend and got to reminisce of a simpler time.

We hiked up to Laurell Falls. Terrible idea- for me at least. I wore Madison on the way up and down in her Moby. The stubborn mother that I am would not let anyone help me or relieve of my duties. I set out to carry her up and down, and I did. She did wonderful and enjoyed the sites. The falls were a little crowded, but still enjoyable.

It was such a great weekend of relaxation and fellowship. We took it easy and woke up slow, the way vacations should be. We browsed downtown a bit and went up the sky lift to get a better view of the mountains. They were so majestic. They reminded me a little bit of how God's perspective is. When we are down off the mountain in the crowds and worries of life we cannot see the majesty surrounding us. But when we step back, or up in this case, we can see his glory surrounding us in the big picture. When we join God and try to see things from an eternal view, we are able to rejoice in his beauty. Of course life is life, and we get caught up in stuff, but the valley is where the battle is happening. Where war is being waged on souls. Mountains wouldn't be mountains without valleys in between.


Megan said...

I LOVE Gatlinburg. What a great trip! We honeymooned there too. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel and Sara said...

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are my favorite! Looks like you had a great time! I'm stopping by from the blog hop! Looking forward to following your blog!

Camille said...

Great pics!! Go you for wearing your little one while hiking. I can barely do it for a short walk! And wow, I went to that exact general store while visiting my aunts who live near there.

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