One Day at a Time!

...sweet jesus.
After the most awful work experience ever, the Lord has rescued me as He promised in Psalms 91:14.
I will not go into detail at how poorly I was treated by my boss simply because he now means nothing to me. I really thought (before realizing how unprofessional Kim N. Price of Price Publications is) I could have a long term relationship with this company. I should have known when in the interview during my salary discussion Kim told me not to "over market myself" after I already quoted him my BARE MINIMUM salary. Anyways, back to my Lord and savior.

I tool a leap of faith on Friday and quit my job. I had a good feeling about a position I applied for at Hyundai, but knew nothing for sure. I went home after quiting at nine in the morning and did homework ALL DAY. My phone rang at four that afternoon and it was one of the recruiters from my interview. They wanted me to start ASAP. I go for my pre-screening computer software test on Monday with a drug test thereafter.

God's timing is perfect. I am simply speechless about this situation, but I think the story speaks for itself. Praise Him!

This position is a temporary one, but there is a good chance that another position will be open upon the completion of this project. I will be assisting the HR department in preparation for their yearly audit. I will be making sure that all files contain the necessary documents, etc. I've been told that my tasks will consist of some degree of repetitiveness, but I do not care. As long as I'm not degraded and insulted on a daily basis, all is well.

Also, I went and tested this morning for a Budget Analyst position for the State of Alabama. I was quite nervous, for I had not even looked at the preparation packet until last night at ten o'clock. Upon reading the preface, God revealed His perfect timing to me even more. It will take the state approximately six weeks to get my scores and ranking information completed and mailed to me. Then, the interviewing and placement process begins. Can we talk about the fact that, if the Budget Analyst position comes through, it will be RIGHT AFTER MY HYUNDAI JOB IS COMPLETE! God is good.

In the words of one of my best friends, If I wasn't supposed to be at Hyundai, it wouldn't have come together so smoothly. People without faith might worry about the termination of the Hyundai job resulting in unemployment, but I know the Lord will take care of me, amen!

Also, RJ signed the lease for our quaint and cozy apartment on Main Street Millbrook this morning. The housing process has been gruelling, confusing, and frustrating, but we have a good feeling about living in this apartment. It is in such a great location for a good price. We are going in to clean and get a few things set up tonight, and RJ will move in tomorrow. I will move in when we get married! And that is that, no more ups, downs, or unexpected turns concerning where to live.

An update on my family.... My Granny is doing AMAZING. She has bounced back so quickly. Her incisions are healing and she is feeling great. The news with my mom's dad isn't as charming, but we know who is in control. His cancer is in the fourth stage. He goes in Monday for an iron treatment, and will start chemo on Tuesday. The doctor says he is certain the cancer will respond to the therapy, but doesn't know if it will heal. We ask that you pray for the physicians, my Mamaw who is taking care of him, and for us as we deal with this shocking news.

... and I still haven't been able to part with Vibrams. I'll send them in next week sometime.

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