Madison turned 9 months old this past Sunday.

The week before that she mastered crawling. She is all over the place now, and even followed us into the kitchen and her nursery. She can sit up on her own, get into the crawling position, and back to the sitting position. This new discovery of mobility has fast forwarded us into disciplining parents. Us telling her "no" or "we don't play with that" in addition to snapping or clapping our hands really gets her attention. Most of the time we just remove her from the situation and show her what is acceptable as a toy. On many occasions she has crawled to her diaper bag, found toys, diapers, puffs, etc and play contently with them for a while.

She is now pulling up to her knees on anything/body she can. We lowered the crib because it seems as if she will be pulling up to her feet any time now. She has really good balance on her feet, too. She thinks she can just take off sometimes while standing.

She does this really cute thing where she whispers "dada" over and over. It has evolved into more of a "ta" sound now. She squeaks and squeals loudly now. It seems as if everyday she discovers something new and shows us what life as a 9 month old is all about. She is no longer a teeny little thing that I can hold all the time. She seems to be rather independent lately. She wants to get down and explore and play on her own. She can even give herself a bottle! I don't get too many snuggles anymore (not that I ever did), but she has let me hold her for longer periods of time while she is sleepy. I love it and drop everything when she wants me to hold her.

Still no teeth. Just lots of drool.
BUT we are eating eggs and yogurt now! She seems to love eggs! She gets them every morning. We started the yogurt Monday, and she didn't take to it too well at first, but we've added some flavor and that seems to help!

Mommy is struggling with being a working mommy recently.
I am always tired and don't have a ton of energy at night when I get home. I feel like I have 4 full time jobs... My day job, breastfeeding, being a mom, and being a wife. Of course with all of those, I have tons of joy and happiness. I am trying to let the small tasks go that I think need to be done, but aren't actual necessities. I do what has to be done (cook, prepare bottles, unpack/repack for the day) and sit down with my family.

We are also struggling a little bit financially. As I was telling my wonderful sister in law - all these new foods are much more expensive than breast milk. It is certainly an adjustment in our budget, but that's for another day.

RJ and I are full of joy with our bundle. She is not really our baby, she is like another person in our family. Not something we have to take care of, but someone we enjoy spending time with. She is our entertainment, and we love every second of parenting her.


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Samantha said...

She is adorable! And yes, breastfeeding was so convenient and nice. I need to start Grace on yogurt!

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