Prayers Needed


My granny is having open heart surgery soon. She will have a triple bypass done and is very nervous (as anyone would be). As most of you know, she lives by herself because my Pop passed away several years ago. This is a time where our family MUST pull together. My dad's two brothers and their respective families have no "issues" with each other, but we don't spend very much time together. It's really sad that we are forced to pull together during times like these, but I'm very grateful for the rapport that is to come. Please keep Granny lifted up in prayer, and praise the Father for this blessing in disguise.


My mother's dad, Papaw Wiggs, has some spots on his liver and has been in a lot of pain for the last 3 weeks. We are all very scared, because he has not been himself lately. Please pray for the Lord's will. We don't know much about his situation, but we know who's in control!

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djensen said...

Megan, I will keep your family in my prayers, especially your granny. Keep strong and keep everyone updated.

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