TOMS shoes

My most favorite company.

I have two pairs of TOMS, but I’ve gifted TOMS many times.
Did you know that TOMS shoes actually stands for
tomorrow’s shoes?

These shoes are helping the tomorrows of small children across the nations. Rwanda and Ethiopia are the primary recipients of these shoes. I bought my first pair of TOMS way back in 2007 when no one was wearing them locally. I {heart} them so much.

Did you know that Blake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS, lives in a boat in order to reduce his environmental footprint?
Did you know that TOMS shoes has
 completely different expenses than most of its competitors?
Meaning that they barely have any administrative expenses at all (relatively).  Toms has a low marketing budget… like nearly $0.

Why do they do this? Can’t they become a much bigger company if they advertise?
Blake is striving to keep the company very low maintenance in order to achieve the mission:
one for one.
For each pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes is given to a child
(and now women)
who are without shoes. You see, in most of these countries, the ground is covered with lava laden soil causing disease in these poor children. If they take their eyes off of the mission; they will get sucked into the industry and not the mission.

I love TOMS shoes.

They sent me a bracelet recently showing gratitude for my loyal customer-ship (not a word, I know). It was a really cool package with a “handwritten” letter from Blake himself. It mentioned the fact that on the first shoe drop a little boy put a bracelet on his wrist similar to the one he sent me. He still wears it to remind him of the mission of the company – to provide for small, needy boys like the one who gave him the bracelet.

Go buy a pair of TOMS.
{for goodness sake}

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