Did your baby eat today? Death toll reaches 210 in Alabama. {donations no longer accepted}

I have a really busy weekend ahead of me!!!
I'm setting up for my yard sale tonight.
I'm HAVING a yard sale tomorrow.
I'm helping PhotosByMoe tomorrow.
I'm helping PhotosByMoe Sunday.
I'm hosting a giveaway Sunday.
I'm adopting this weekend, too!
{more to come later, with pics. i promise}
I have a 3 minute dance to choreograph in a week.
I have tutorials to create.
I have a house to clean.
I have a husband to love.

Sounds stressful huh??

I love it.
I live for times like this.
My crazy self enjoys going going going.
I'm always on the move.
I'm always scheduling, creating, dancing, something!!

This life here, on this blog, is a blessed one.
I have a great family who supports me.
I have an amazing church family surrounding me.
I've made some great bloggy BFFs in the past few days.

I've been encouraged, inspired, uplifted. 

This life here, is a good one. 

Then I look around me.
All those who are without.
Without everything.
They have NOTHING. 
These people are my neighbors...
My community was only missed by a few miles.
Eclectic Tornado DamageEclectic Tornado DamageEclectic Tornado DamageEclectic Tornado DamageEclectic Tornado DamageEclectic Tornado Damage

Did you wake up this morning and get to 
hold your baby?
Did you get to put a clean shirt on your back?
Maybe you even got to drive your own car.

We blog about what we wear.
We blog about where we go.
We blog about what we bought.
We blog about what we made.
Now... It's time to come together for those in need.
I"m challenging my readers.
 have faith in you.I've added a donate button  the bottom of this post and to my sidebar.I’m challenging you to give $5, that would provide one meal... 
Did your baby get to eat today?

Come on peeps.Lets come out of the wood works for these people.
They need help. 
My neighbors need you.
I will take the money, add my part, and then buy socks, undergarments and water. 
My church is sending a caravan of goods over :)
If you don't feel comfortable with the donate option, visit www.helptuscaloosa.com
these are my neighbors to the north.



Tricia L said...

Thanks for the opportunity to help! You rock!

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Those pictures are so sad. :( Thanks for showing exactly how it is over there! And sharing info about helping... if we donate, where is the money going exactly? To you and then you will give it somewhere? Or what? Just curious how its going to go. :)

MELANIE said...

Couldnt have been said any better. My husband has a friend down in Alabama, thankfully he is okay as well. Thank you for the chance to help directly where needed. I donated and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Going to share you post and hopefully find more support.

Lucky 7 Design

Anonymous said...

Gotta say that I am most excited about your adoption this weekend! Are you coming with RJ or will we just see him?

Jenna said...

So glad your family was ok. We've had some tornado scares but nothing as close as that. I'm praying for the people who been affected. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

My area was hit with a tsunami last month, but THANK GOD there was only one death. I cannot imagine what the people in your area are going through. What a tragic freak act of nature. Of course we know God is in control, but it's very hard when things like this happen. :0(

Alexis Kaye said...

This is fabulous! What a great idea! Saw your link on the shine project! love this :)

cristi said...

What a wonderful way to use your blog to make a difference. Those photos are just devastating. Thank you for linking up to Do Good Thursday Link up. So nice to connect with you.

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