Our Ministry in a Necklace

My husband is consumed by music.
He’s always singing, tapping his foot, or playing an instrument.
I love his oh so very talented self.

Our life has been called to be one of music and worship.
You see, the Lord has called husband to be a worship leader.
He has loved music pretty much all his life.
He played saxophone in our high school band 
and for the Million Dollar Band.

Isn’t it crazy how the Lord directs our 
paths in the most unusual ways sometimes?
The Lord directed RJ’s path away from
 his dream of playing for the MDB after one short year.
He was crushed and confused.

Fast Forward…

Life happened.
We got married.
{heck yesh!}
The Lord called him to a ministry.
Not a preachin ministry.
Not a foreign missions ministry.
But to a ministry in our backyard, literally.

Husband leads worship for our young people at our church.
He has grown his talent so much over the past year.

We have helped with a new service at our church called
We have high hopes and dreams for this service;
we only want God’s will.
This is a modern worship service 
with loud guitars, drums, and funky graphics.
This service is our baby, 
and we are enjoying watching it grow.

A few weeks ago I was bloggy stalking My Girlish Whims and saw her new creation that I just had to have.
It tells my story, almost like my Amanda Lynn Designs necklace {read that story here}
This one is the next chapter.
Music is close to my heart.
Music is my life, because it is my husband's life.
This is a perfect picture of our life.

It symbolizes how our life is consumed by Husband’s ministry 
and how we strive to please God through it.

I am not musically talented, but I try my best to 
love, help, and encourage Husband.
I love Him.
I respect Him so much for obeying his calling.
I love our life.
It’s sometimes {most of the time} hectic with practices, 
services, and preparation, but it is our life. 
Our calling. 
Our ministry.

tara fraser photography


MELANIE said...

Megan what a beautiful post. It must be wonderful to have him around and brighten your day. Im always amazed by anyone who finds their calling and follows it! God Bless

The necklace is beautiful, it does tell its own story by looking at it. Its definately a music lovers necklace!

Lucky 7 Design

Jayna Rae said...

Great story of you necklace. Loves!!!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Megan!!! I loved hearing this back story. So beautiful!!! I'm SO SO happy I could help bring together the things you love in a necklace!! :)

If anyone else is interested...here's a link to the necklace in my etsy shop :)


nancypaige said...

Just wanted you to know that this post was very encouraging for me to hear! I have always dreamed of playing in the band at Troy University. Well I got to do that this past year, but plans have changed and I will change schools this coming year. Accepting the change is hard, but hearing stories like this help me to realize it's all in God's plan. Thanks so much!


Amanda said...

How cute are you?!! I love that you love my designs that is personalable to you.
This music necklace is simply adorable, and it's so cool to see you and your husband answering Gods call.

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

What a beautiful story! I love that necklace by My Girlish Whims too! :) So cute. I Love how God is using you two to do BIG things right in your back yard! I LOVVVVVE Music. I always have. My hubby sings and plays the guitar too .. but he claims he is no good.. he has no clue how amazing he really is. God has blessed him with an amazing talent, and I wish he recognized it! I mean for goodness sake, he TAUGHT HIMSELF how to play the guitar.. and now he is teaching me. :) Im on the worship team at our church and Im praying the hubs will also feel the call to join as well. Everybody loves him and his voice, and wants him to join too. He just needs the confidence.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you and your hubby are doing what God called you to do!! And enjoying it, too!! You're blessed. :0)

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