Babymoon to Chattanooga {with tons of pictures}

So one of our new year's resolutions last year was to go on an "adventure" once a month. We aimed to do something new each month of this year... whether it be a new restaurant, a new recipe, or a new city to discover, we had to do something once a month. Some adventures were way more exciting and some were simply squeezed into our busy schedule. 

This month (November) was our anniversary month. We decided to celebrate and get away before our baby arrives. We chose to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee. It's only 3 hours away and it has a really awesome aquarium. I love aquariums. I love animals; I'm like a child when it comes to zoos and aquariums. 

Our first day we stopped in and went to the aquarium and I had a blast. It was obviously different than from what I remember as a kid. Ya know how everything is way cooler and bigger when you are a kid? I experienced that at the aquarium, but I still had a blast.

We did a lot of eating. A lot.

That's pretty much all we did. Eat. Sleep. Relax. Walk around the city. Actually now that I think of it, this pregnant lady did a whole lot of walking. We went through the art district, went through this neat book store, discovered a cement piano, and went to the lame better-when-i-was-a-kid Chattanooga Choo Choo.

It was really amazing and relaxing trip. 

As far as the food goes, there weren't a whole lot of "local" restaurants. We ate at several chains, but enjoyed a local hit Sticky Fingers. It was pretty good. Not amazing. The service was poor. 

Most importantly I got to spend quality time with my husband. Cue tons of pictures. Go.....

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