Motherhood 101: The First Year | Kate Conner

Motherhood 101: The First Year | Kate Conner

I just had to share.You have to read.
My favorite part...

"I remember the tightrope feeling well, as Madeline was born just before Christmas.  Relatives whom we wouldn’t see again for a full year “needed” to hold her.  I “needed” to be at a variety of church, community, and family functions.  I remember Madeline being passed around the room from one adoring person to the next – and when she started to cry, each person would take a turn trying to comfort her.  I only got a turn when Madeline was SO worked up and miserable that she’d become totally inconsoleable – then it was time to pass her to mom.  I remember sitting in a back bedroom with my hot, over-stimulated newborn, nursing her and whispering to her that I was so, so sorry.  That it wasn’t fair – that it was simply too much and I didn’t speak up for her.  I’ve been bummed about missing the occasional wedding or party, but that’s the kind of thing you bounce back from pretty quickly – c’est la vie.  I’ve deeply regretted it, on the other hand, every time I didn’t advocate for my baby."

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Ashley said...

That was perfectly said.Sometimes we miss things but when it is best for your baby that is just what you have to do. :)

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