Spending Some Time Upside Down

Our little diva is currently in a transverse breech position.
It kinda looks a little like this:

When doc told me that she was not head down, I just kinda chuckled a little internally. Just add it to the list, right? I knew she wasn't head down the whole time, I just ignored it. See where that little baby's butt is up there? I constantly feel tons of pressure right there. Occasionally her little (big?) butt sticks out so far, I feel like my rib is going to break. This position also explains the placement of my stretch marks. Our doula told us about a website called www.spinningbabies.com when we were doing our labor course. I've studied and studied the methods used to try and turn a breech baby. I laid on my ironing board a bit last night and spent some time in the inversion position, too. I may have shone a flash light on my lower abdomen and told Madison to "get down here, girly girl!"

All the websites suggest to drink plenty of fluids. Geez... when is that not the case?

We go tomorrow for an ultrasound to determine exactly what position she is in, and what size baby we might be looking at here. I'm hoping to buy as much time as possible to allow her to turn. In fact, i'm willing to try anything to avoid a c-section. Have you heard of the version procedure? The doc manipulates baby girl externally. I'm willing to try that, too. If my water breaks in the mean time, I will be undergoing an emergency c-section! JOY!

Am i worried? No
Am I concerned? Yes
Am I scared? Yes, very.
Do I have the most amazingly supportive husband? Yes

So... if you need me, you can find me hanging out upside down off of our love seat!

notice the "N" got cut off my pants. just what i need. thanks, life. thanks


Lacey said...

Oh Megan your posts crack me up! Youre so much stronger than you think. She will be here soon and you both will be perfectly fine. I'll be praying for you girlies tonight and I know that tomorrow you will hear good news :) God is in control.

Life Created....the blog said...

I had my second daughter 6 months ago.
3 dyas before my due date she turned breech. I refused a version because there is much documentation on the danger of it. You can read for yourself, but not only is it painful, it is dangerous to the baby and actually to you too. Sometimes it doesnt even work, and you have to get a c-section anyway.
2 days passed, and I went in for the c-section...she had re-turned back into the normal position!!! Prayer worked and I am sure all will work out for you too.

I know your frustration!

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